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28 Aug 2015

Copyright & Architectural Plans, 7 Tips

Copyright & Architectural Plans, 7 Tips

Recently, The Island Packet reported that the architectural firm that designed the original residence halls at University of South Carolina Beaufort’s Hilton Head Gateway campus filed a lawsuit alleging the school and a local construction company violated its architectural copyrights on building designs when they built newer dorms in a similar style. Architectural copyrights can be clear as dishwater, […]

7 Apr 2015

Trademarks for Small Businesses

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Trademarks for Small Businesses

For small businesses, it’s critical to know how to register a trademark, protect it and avoid infringing on established ones. The first big decision start-ups and small businesses make is to select a name for their products, services or company. But it may be a costly mistake if you don’t evaluate your trademark first.

30 Mar 2015

Can I Patent This?

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Can I Patent This?

You invented something the world’s never seen before—and it’s going to be huge. Shark Tank huge. All your friends and family are saying, “You should patent that!” But what does having a patent really mean? In simple terms, a patent is a limited government granted monopoly that prohibits others “from making, using, offering for sale, or […]

W. Pete Reid, Attorney at Law, LLC

W. Pete Reid, Attorney at Law, LLC is a Bluffton, SC law firm dedicated to serving the patent, trademark, and copyright needs of individuals, artists, musicians and small businesses. I also provide start-up and small business incorporation services, LLC organization services, and have experience preparing a variety of business contracts, licenses and agreements. Based in the heart of lowcountry South Carolina I represent individuals and businesses throughout the country.