LLC Organization

In my opinion start-ups and small businesses should initially organize as an LLC. Period. LLC’s limit personal liabilities for the business’ debt. LLC’s are cheaper to start and maintain. LLC’s are very flexible to management structure. LLC’s can choose how they are taxed. While the Secretary of State’s form looks simple, be careful; there important items needed in most Articles of Organization that aren’t on their simple form.

Contracts & Agreements

I love writing contracts. You should love contracts too, because as a start-up or small business you need contracts to protect your business and your business relationships.  I have written complex international business contracts through simple business operating contracts. Remember: In God we trust; for everyone else, look at the contract.

Legal Counseling

I succeed if you succeed. I enjoy considering myself a “small part” of every client’s business, and strive to be a valuable part of the business. I want to establish lasting relationships and help businesses grow. I seek solutions that make business and financial sense, and I understand that start-ups and small businesses cannot afford to waste money on unnecessary legal fees.